A pink oasis in the desert


The Sultana's Respite is a new up-and-coming restaurant, trying to get its foot in the door. With a lucky landfall of a plot, this little restaurant hopes to make an impression not only for Ul'dah, but for the whole part of Eoreza.

Owner Lilianna Portania was raised in the Silver Bazaar, and worked her way up as an adventurer after the calamity. Part of her hopes with opening the Sultana's Respite is to give others that place of rest needed after a long day of working or adventuring.


Ward 18, Plot 35

Open 9:00 pm EST on Sundays

(Pictures out of date, to be updated soon)

Our venue is available for rentals! Our large plot features not only the restaurant, but a large stage as well for any production or gathering you need to put together! Need a few things moved around? Let us know and we'll try to work with you to personalize your event.

We also have a small party relaxation room with hot tubs, for any Sultan or Sultana who needs their respite!

To book or for any further questions, please contact Rahzy#8045 by discord, or Lilianna Portania (Mateus) in game!